since I first walked into Clever Cats, and knew that this was where I was meant to be...What a journey it has been!
I have met so many wonderful families, made so many friends, and, as each year has drawn to an end, lost my heart more times than I can remember. But with each goodbye comes a new hello, and a brand new opportunity to change lives and enjoy the blessings of having the opportunity to change lives and enjoy the blessings of having the opportunity to really make a difference. Much has changed over the past ten years, and from the 48 children we started with, we quickly grew to full capacity with 70 children today. Despite all the changes  over the past few years, our values and principals at the foundation of what we do at Clever Cats, remain the same...
  • Much focus is placed on physical activity, both outdoors in summer, and indoors in winter, with NO TV anywhere in our school. We do not believe in the use of a TV as a baby sitter or a method to keep children occupied, and our little ones can always be found involved in either constructive or free play outside of lesson time and daily routine activities.

  • Childcare is not "warehousing". We don not believe in 20/30 children in a class. Although we allow for a maximum of 16 children per class, you will rarely find this to be the case. We generally operate on between 12/14 children in a class, and maintain a strict caregiver to child ratio of 1:7 across our school.

  • Although discipline is crucial in the operation of a preschool environment, we firmly believe that we are not training soldiers, instead, are cultivating the leaders of tomorrow. Taking this approach certainly makes managing our school a lot more difficult, but we do not believe in taking these wonderful and vibrant personalities and trying to make them fit into a "once size fits all" box.

  • Every single child that comes through our doors has the potential to someday truly change the world. This is the single most important belief we aim to instill in our children.

  • Physical/corporal punishment will NEVER be allowed or condoned in our school. As the owner of Clever Cats, I have a solid reputation of ZERO tolerance when it comes to any and all forms of abusive behaviour towards a child. I take my responsibility toward the welfare of each and every child across my school in this regard as my personal mission with no exceptions and no excuses.

  • Transparency - at Clever Cats we follow an open door policy. This means that our parents are welcome to pop in any time of the day to see how their little ones are doing. We believe that our parents need to see only when everything is perfectly in order, awaiting presentation - we are dealing with children - every day comes with it's own challenges, every minute dictated not only by our structure or routine, but more so by the immediate needs of our children. We do not offer the illusion of perfection - there is not such thing when one is working with so many young children - what we offer is an honest, down to earth approach to what goes into the care of our little ones daily.


In the above lies the cornerstone to what we believe and strive to achieve in our school - these are the non-negotiable principals expected from each and every one of our employees, and what you can expect from the Clever Cats family.

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